Show Dates and Trophy list



Daffodil Show Dates And TDC Trophy allocation 2017

Hobart Horticultural Society

Friday 8 th & Saturday 9 th September


1. 1 W (Tim) Jackson Award – 3 yellow standard trumpets, NND.

2 . S. F. RichardsonTrophy– 3 distinct miniatures, named not seedlings in one container. Presentation to be taken into account.

3. Harold Cross Trophy – Best Div 11 any size

4Hubert Yeates Award – a vase of 7 daffodils, any division or size

TDC Coaster – Best Div 2 (Restricted)

Wynyard Garden Club

Saturday 9 h & Sunday 10 th September

1 . T.H. Piper Tray – 3 standard pinks, one of which must be a trumpet

2. D.T. OldhamTrophy - 3 distinct standard Div 4

TDC Coaster – Best Division 2 (Novice)

Claremont Spring Show

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September

1R.H.Glover Trophy – 3 standard seedlings – one all white, 1 all yellow and 1 bi-colour.

2 . Don Bulman Memorial Trophy – 1 Div 1, 1 Div 2, 1 Div 3. Standard daffodils.

3 . Novice Award for 3 distinct varieties of standard, or 3 miniature or 3 Intermediate size daffodils. Any division.

4. Dr. Mike Temple-Smith Prize - 1 stem of any 3 divisions 5-9 in separate containers.

TDC Coaster –Best Division 6.

Launceston Horticultural Society Friday 15 th (benching and judging) Saturday 16 th & Sunday 17 th

1. K.J. Heazlewood Trophy – best Tasmanian raised Div 5-9 & 12. Any size

2 . TDC Seeding Tray – seedling not previously exhibited, any size daffodil.

3 . J.M. Radcliff Trophy– 3 standard varieties, 3 stems of each in 3 vases.

4. TDC Miniature Award – 3 distinct Tasmanian raised miniatures in separate containers.

TDC Coaster – Best Div 5

Westbury Garden Club

Saturday 2nd September


1 . Restricted Section Award, 3 distinct any size daffodil.

2. Broadfield Memorial Award – best Tasmanian raised Div 2 W-W standard daffodil.

TDC Coaster – Best Division 1 (Restricted)

Central Coast Garden Club

Saturday 23rd th and Sunday 24th


1 . Roblin Tray – 3 Tas. raised standard daffodils with white perianths

2 Frank Stronach Trophy – best reverse bi colour – (Y-W) any size daffodil

TDC Coaster – Best Miniature


NB TDC trophy classes are open to all exhibitors not only TDC members. Show committees are asked to encourage their local exhibitors to enter.

Judges and exhibitors please note: trophy classes now specify the size of daffodil eligible for consideration. "Any size" means the bloom may be standard, intermediate (50 mm – 80 mm) or miniature (50 mm or less).

To avoid disappointment, please read the show schedule carefully, both the general rules and conditions and those that apply specifically to daffodils.

Please note: The committee has reversed its decision to change the wording of the Richardson Trophy (changed to read "registered daffodils") due to the difficulty of judges and exhibitors knowing which miniatures are registered and which are simply "named". Glenbrook, for example has both 'named' and 'registered' in its catalogue and we felt it was too pedantic to try to separate the two.

Would all members holding TDC perpetual trophies please be sure to return them, cleaned and with up to date engraved results to Show or Committee members attending the Show where the trophy is allocated for 2013.
Engraving costs will be reimbursed by the treasurer or secretary on presentation of a receipt.


LOST – the original base of the R. J. Heazlewood trophy.
This was a large base, a dark wood covered in shields with a hole in which to place the cup. Please search your cupboards – last entry on the old base was 1998, won by Broadfield's Daffodils. New base 1999 names Kevin and Mary Crowe. We have a vague recollection that David Jackson offered to have a new base made for this trophy
Hope this will stir some memories. The two bases may have become separated sometime after 1999 so could anyone who has won this trophy please check.