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About the Tasmanian Daffodil Council



The inaugural meeting of the Tasmanian Daffodil Council was held on the 11th October 1966 at the Hagley Farm School. The late Mr Harold Cross invited some 20 daffodil growers, to attend. This meeting elected an executive committee, which met regularly to discuss matters related to showing, growing and registration of new hybrid varieties.
The first newsletter appeared in May 1967 edited by Harold Cross. The newsletters recorded major results of daffodil shows around the state. At that time shows were hosted at Hobart, Longford, Cadbury's, Launceston, Bagdad, Devonport, Ulverstone, Deloraine, Whitemore and Scottsdale. The TDC had 15 financial members.
The early committee discussed issues such as the definition of "Seedling": problems and inconsistencies with judging (including the suggestion of "panel judging"); the need for registration of new hybrids and close contact with the RHS and The Victorian Daffodil Society.
A formal constitution was adopted in September 1983 and the Council was subsequently incorporated.

Daffodil growing in Tasmania has been greatly enriched by the knowledge so generously shared by our early enthusiastic growers. We acknowledge particularly the Jackson family, currently represented by Robin and David Jackson, and the Radcliff family, represented today by Kaye and Jamie Radcliff. On the North West coast, the late A.O Roblin, T.H. Piper, R. Glover, D. Broadfield and Ken Heazlewood left a very substantial legacy. The work of our early members in seeking new colour combinations and perfection in form is still the basis for much of the current hybridising programs pursued today.

Aims of the Tasmanian Daffodil Council Inc.


The council exists to promote and encourage the growing and showing of daffodils in Tasmania and to foster an interest in the same amongst the general populace. To that end, the council supports daffodil shows around the state, providing Perpetual trophies and prizes to be awarded to successful exhibitors.
The TDC Inc. fosters an enthusiasm for hybridising and encourages members to register new varieties with the Royal Horticultural Society in London.
The Council also works within the National Daffodil Association of Australia to further promote daffodil showing and has close links to the American Daffodil Association and the Royal Horticultural Society.

The TDC Inc. has, in 2009, about 100 members. The committee meets four times a year, hosts two spring workshops and publishes a journal in January and July. Advice about horticultural matters concerning daffodils is available by contact with any committee member.


TDC Commitee 2011/12

President: Mr Sam Biggins
1860 Oldina Road Wynyard 7325


Vice-President: Mr Brian Jones

64 Mission Hill Road Penguin 7316


Secretary: Mrs Mary Crowe
103 Carella Street Howrah 7018 PH (03) 62 478226


Treasurer: Dr. Mike Temple-Smith
12 Carmont Court
Howrah 7018 PH (03) 62 473969


Editor: Dr. Mike Temple-Smith
Public Officer: Dr. Mike Temple-Smith
Publicity Officer: Mrs Sue McFarlane


Mrs Ann Scarfe (Repr.Novice & Restricted growers)

Mrs Elaine Biggins
Mr & Mrs Doug and Christine Fielding
Mr & Mrs David and Robin Jackson
Mr & Mrs Jamie and Kaye Radcliff
Mrs Helen Blowfield


Subscriptions to the TDC Inc.

2011/12 subscriptions are due in September 2011

If yours is still out standing, please contact the Treasurer


Single membership: $12.00 per year or $30.00 for 3 years

Family Membership $15.00 per year

Clubs and Overseas $40.00 for 3 years



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